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Peter Stenshoel reviews Neurovision by Telex

Kevin Ferguson

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This record is pure fun and quite danceable. Telex was one of the most musical and witty of the all-synthesizer bands. I love the vocals -- no histrionics. Nary a moan nor fake Southern accent do you hear. You do hear cool Belgian accents, and the wry English lyrics come through loud and clear.

Despite their youthful sound, Telex can drive home a philosphical point. "We Are all Getting Old," has got to be the most joyous rendition I've ever heard of that depressing truism.

On a more optimistic note, consider this week's sample song. "My Time" celebrates a phenomenon we are fast losing: expansive chronological freedom. To be specific, time as a companion to our private moments.

My time, my time, I love my time
My time has something more
My time the best there's ever been
My time, I love my time, thank you my time.

Our WiFi world has usurped that sense, but in the late 70s, an all electronic band could still reassure us that time is a indeed friend, not foe.