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'Urine luck!' docs tell James Rabe after kidney transplant

James Rabe, with new kidney (not shown) and KPCC fleece hoodie (shown).
James Rabe, with new kidney (not shown) and KPCC fleece hoodie (shown).
Larry DeBoever/James Rabe

A few days ago, I told you my brother James and sister Joan were heading into the operating room at Mayo Clinic so they could take one of Joan's kidneys and give it to my brother James, who has Alp0rt Syndrome, a degenerate (I mean exactly that) kidney disease.

Good news!

The transplant happened Friday morning, and according to the doctors, was "textbook."

Joan is mending well at home, and back on Words With Friends, in which she just played the word "peritoneal" for 67 points.

James is also out of the hospital, recovering at a friend's apartment somewhere in Rochester MN.

The gory details are very encouraging: the kidney immediately started working, producing liters of, ahem, fluid which had not been eliminated during months of dialysis, making him feel generally crappy. Even through the post-op pain, which is not inconsiderable, James reported that he felt better immediately.

In fact, I called my sister Clare on Saturday, knowing she was in his hospital room, and James and his  local buddies were talking so noisily, Clare had to go into the bathroom to talk.

I can't confirm it, but rumor has it the first song James will play when he returns to work as a DJ in Twin Falls ID (where they have been wonderfully accomodating), is by the well-known group ... New Kidneys on the Block.

Meantime, if you're in Rochester MN, look for James' name in every snowbank, written with the special flair of a man with a new lease on life.