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From The Flaming Lips to God's ears: Long Beach Bach Festival starts March 2

Photo courtesy of the Long Beach Camerata Singers

To look at JS Bach's resume is to feel extremely lazy. Not only was he an organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist. Not only did he compose thousands of pieces, and conceive nearly as many children. But 263 years after his death, he's still hard at work, inspiring people with his music.

In yet another example, Saturday the Long Beach Bach Festival, presented by the Long Beach Camerata Singers, starts a series of Bach-focused performances and educational programs.

Evensong: Stay with Us... Grant Us Peace is the first musical offering*. It features a Bach mashup that includes not only choruses from B-Minor Mass, but also songs from The Flaming Lips and The Arcade Fire. The Camerata Singers call it "...a journey from darkness to illumination with innovative programming infusing works from the early Baroque, Romantic and contemporary period into a unique collage listening experience."

The last installment in the Festival is Sunday, April 14th, and it features classical guitarist Martha Masters playing some of Bach's most famous pieces, and you drinking wine. It's at Sababa Restaurant and Lounge in Long Beach, and $35 ticket gets you music and wine.


*A Bach joke