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Help 'LA's hardest working band' go on tour — El Ten Eleven has gear stolen

El Ten Eleven
El Ten Eleven
Sachyn, Wikimedia Commons

The band El Ten Eleven, whose music you may recognize from KPCC bumper music and the design documentary Helvetica, recently had their gear stolen from their car. We are talking a double neck bass and almost an entire drum kit -- gone. 

The band is supposed to be on tour -- like yesterday -- and already had to cancel at least one show because of the theft. If you feel like supporting, here's their Bandcamp page where you can donate money for replacement instruments/gear in return for a song download. 
From a statement on the band's Facebook

Kristian's double neck, fretless Wal bass, both pedal boards, and basically Tim's entire drum kit (rototoms, cymbals, snare, kick pedal, all of his electronic drum equipment, and bass head) were stolen.
We are really, really screwed. Our tour is supposed to start in three days.
As you probably know, we are the hardest working band in show business and will do anything we can to still do the tour.
This is sort of an emergency Kickstarter type of thing, but we aren't going to use Kickstarter because it takes too long, the campaign has to be approved, we have to meet a goal, etc. Instead, we're just gonna put the song up on Bandcamp and let you pay what you want for it. If you have extra money and can donate to our cause, we would be unbelievably grateful.

You can read an update here