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No, you can't buy tickets to see 'Breaking Bad' at Hollywood Forever on Craigslist

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad
Courtesy of Breaking Bad

It's not easy to be a "Breaking Bad" fan in Los Angeles. Lovers of the TV phenomenon were exhilarated when — thanks to Cinespia — they found out they could watch "Breaking Bad"'s final episode inside the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in the company of the show's cast and crew. Then the tickets went on sale, and in the blink of an eye sold out. Fade to black.

And now, with less than 72 hours before the world at last learns what Walt plans to do with the M60 in his trunk, Craigslist resellers have thrown their black pork pie hats into the ring. 

Some go for as much as $700 — more than 15 times the original $45 selling price. Some go for a little less, but even if you have a Heisenberg-size barrel of cash to burn, good luck getting in. Tickets to Sunday's event are non-transferable and Cinespia is watching out for resellers. 

"If someone's ID doesn't match the ticket and order number, they're going to get turned away," said John Wyatt, Cinespia's founder. "We actually have been systematically finding those people and canceling their tickets. It's just a bad investment."

One Craigslist seller promises that for a mere $600, they'll Photoshop your name onto a pair of tickets — what could possibly go wrong?

John from Cinespia say he's disappointed to see the resellers — but not surprised.  "This is a really remarkable event, it's an exciting show," said Wyatt. "We knew it would be popular."

But don't give up hope yet. If you have the moxie, Cinespia is holding a contest — and for a prize, they're giving away one last pair of tickets to the showing.