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Slammin' the Gavel to Convene Comedy Congress

So fantastic to get Comedy Congress back in session today -- with Aisha Tyler and David Greene representing the District of Punchlines. What can I say? Hilarity ensues. Go to the website and enjoy listening to it all over again.

On the serious side of the day, we gave you a preview of what a federal judge will hear on Monday when the LAPD asks that the government lifts the eight-year-old consent decree that's governed department operations since the Rampart scandals and the Rodney King events. Our guests, Gerald Chaleff, who heads the LAPD's consent decree bureau, sparred with the ACLU's Mark Rosenbaum over how much the LAPD has met its burden of reform. And then we matched the Montagues and the Capulets of the Ivy League, Harvard and Yale. Each school has analyzed data -- different sets of data -- to reach fairly different conclusions about how the LAPD is faring when it comes to race and ethnicity in traffic stops, and the city's changing perceptions of the department and how it does its work.

Don't look for a ruling Monday, but whatever the judge decides, it'll have a profound effect on the department, and we'll hear more about that the next time William Bratton is here for ''Ask the Chief.''

Monday: Satirist P.J. O'Rourke is here with his new book ``Driving Like Crazy,`` a love letter to Americans' right to drive Cadillac Escalades and suck up all the oil we can get our mitts on.

-- Patt Morrison