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Happy New Fiscal Year! Would You Like a Nutritional Chart With Your Fries?

As of midnight, chain restaurants in California will have to tell you in writing just what's in your favorite dishes: the fat, salt, carb and calorie content. Whether you welcome this change or would just as soon not know -- that's what we spent a juicy hunk of time on today. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose own guilty pleasure is green apple fritters, made it the law of the Golden State, and most of you said you thought it's a pretty good idea. If nothing else, I think it could mean more ''doggie bags,'' and this time they might actually go to real dogs!

The Pew Center's study on the new generation gap got you riled up. Some of the baby-boomer-''don't-trust-anyone-over-30'' crowd of the 1960s are now on the far side of the new age gap, and the teens-and-twenties they begat are more welcoming toward homosexuality, interracial dating and marriage, and of course technology. You kids get off my lawn, or I'll Twitter about you!

And after a contested election almost as long as a human pregnancy, the Minnesota Supreme Court gave ''virtual birth'' to Senator Al Franken, certifying the Democrat's victory by a few hundred votes over Republican Norm Coleman, who, as NPR's Ken Rudin told me today, has now lost to a wrestler [Jesse Ventura] and a comedian [Franken].

Tomorrow, the new ''Bruno'' film by Sacha Baron Cohen features a characteristically outlandish scene, this one with the Birmingham High football team. The news comes just as the school board votes on whether to make Birmingham a charter school. The film is R-rated, but the story won't be!

-- Patt Morrison