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I Now Pronounce You ... Same-Sex Marriage Goes to Court

The case begins today in federal court -- the challenge to the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage. We did the pre-game legal analysis on Friday's program of a case that holds enormous stakes, and the possibility of an ultimate Supreme Court hearing on the matter -- a court that's more conservative than it has been in the past, which is one reason some same-sex marriage supporters have been reluctant to ''make a federal case out of it.'' This will be one of the biggest stories to come out of California this year.

The weekend's pro football playoffs made me think of our discussion Friday about the prospects of the Buffalo Bills or the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to LA -- neither of them playoff teams, by the way. A lot of people who know a lot about this think the NFL is just using LA to jerk the strings of unhappy teams or unhappy owners, and to leverage the threat of moving into getting taxpayers to pay for new stadiums. Stadia, for you purists.

You've got to hear what Dr. David Servan-Schreiber has to say -- he was diagnosed with brain cancer and has devoted his work since then to finding out how to battle the cancer beast. His book ''Anti-Cancer'' is thorough and detailed, how everything from what you eat to how you use your cell phone can become a tool to fight cancer. Give him a listen today.

And we'll hear more about the gov's plan to turn red-light cameras into speeding ticket clocks, too. Minimum fine: $225. Will it be California's new gold rush to balance the budget?