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A Los Angeles Doctor's Account from Haiti

Comedy Congress always helps me go into the weekend with a smile -- albeit a soggy one this week. We gave a Comedy Congress baptism in Massachusetts senator-elect Scott Brown for his election-night remark telling the world that his two daughters are ''available.'' Catnip for comedians, that!

How could anyone not be moved by what I heard from Dr. Henri Ford, a top surgeon at Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles, and his account of operating on children injured in the Haiti earthquake? He's a Haiti native himself, and he talked to us from Port-au-Prince about the terrible injuries to children, about his immense sorrow that doctors have had to amputate limbs that might have been saved had there been enough medical care arriving in Haiti soon enough. I expect we'll be sitting down to hear more from him when he's back from Haiti.

The team here is hoping for good news from the Golden Mike awards on Saturday night -- they're the Oscars of radio! [Without the red carpet, alas]

-- Patt Morrison