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Oscar loves KPCC!? And the Supremes and guns

Can we pick 'em, or can we pick 'em?

Out of the ten Oscar-nominated screenwriters, for best original and best adapted screenplay, I interviewed two.

Both of them won.

Is that good mojo, or what?

Mark Boal wrote ''The Hurt Locker,'' the best original screenplay winner, from reporting he did as a journalist in Iraq, and Geoffrey Fletcher was the surprise winner for best adapted screenplay for ''Precious,'' from the novel ''Push'' by Sapphire, a book that he didn't know was regarded as unadaptable for the screen. You can hear one of these interviews here:

And I'll try to post the Fletcher interview presently.

It was a big weekend for the girls -- a Great Dame weekend.

Not only did Kathryn Bigelow make history by winning best director – thankfully they don't call her a ‘’directress’’ – but her small-budget independent film ``The Hurt Locker’’ laid claim to being best picture.

The day before the Oscars, I was in Palm Springs, presenting a Palm Springs Women in Film and Television award to the film producer Gale Anne Hurd.

It was a treat to be able to talk face to face with so many of you who listen to our programs on KPCV 90.3 in the Coachella Valley. I hope to be able to speak to more of you whenever I'm back in Palm Springs!

Gale Anne Hurd had earned the ‘’Broken Glass’’ award, I said on Saturday, for giving a whole new meaning to ‘’chick flick,’’ with her fierce and fearless choices that have given us Oscar-honored movies and more. Among them: the ‘’Terminator’’ films, ‘’Aliens,’’ ‘’The Abyss,’’ a couple of ‘’Hulks,’’ along with the Independent Spirit award-winner ``The Waterdance,’’ a new film, ``The Wronged Man,’’ based on a true story of a man wrongfully imprisoned for decades, and with the funny little film ``Dick,’’ a movie that Leonard Maltin lists as one of the 151 best films you’ve never seen.

Back to the news today, when we'll be talking about a pending Supreme Court ruling that may trump local gun laws and allow people to carry guns openly anywhere, from Starbucks to the streets.

Want heat with that maccchiato?