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Jules Feiffer! Prom dress! Not related but discretely fascinating!

Having Jules Feiffer on the air today reminded me of how cool I felt when I was a kid and ran across his sardonic cartoons, with titles like ''Ode to Spring.'' Once I'd deciphered his deceptively simple cartooning, a la Rosetta Stone, I felt as if I'd tapped into some underground of hip urban insights.

Well, it was hardly underground -- Feiffer's cartoons ran in jillions of newspapers, but still, having the old hipster-penster sitting across from me, talking about his life and his memoir, ``Backing Into Forward,'' really evoked the sensibilities of that churning, angst-ridden, literature- and arts-minded Manhattan of yore. Alas, poor Yoric, Feiffer knew it, Horatio ... oh, never mind.

I was so pleased that even more people got to hear from Father Gregory Boyle about his new book, ''Tattoos on the Heart.'' The founder of Homeboy Industries was here talking to me a month ago when his book first came out:
... and he was back today, this time on AirTalk with Larry Mantle. If you can't get enough of him, here's my Q and A column with him in the LA Times:,0,1429581.columnist

By the way, AirTalk and Larry Mantle recently celebrated 25 years on the air -- and now I've just celebrated the fourth anniversary of this program, a number which would look even bigger if we were operating in a base three universe.

James Cameron's wife went to the Oscars in a dress made heroically and entirely out of green-minded materials, including silk for which no silkworms died, but you've got to hand it to Elizabeth Rasmuson as a new contender for Green Queen. The Iowa teenager made her prom dress entirely out of blue and white gum wrappers. Asterisk here: she only gets a shot at the title if none of her gum wound up on the sidewalk, or the underside of her homeroom desk.

-- Patt Morrison