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Maybe ''Vegetarians'' Eat Something Different Down South?

Some of you were just as flummoxed as I was during a certain moment in my interview with Paula Deen, the Food Network chef-star and pitchwoman for ham.

So many of her Southern dishes are meat-driven, I asked -- what have you got for a vegetarian like me?

Well, she mused, ''if you don't want to go with pork... '' -- I made it clear that indeed, vegetarians don't want to go with pork. She finally settled on, 'You can certainly find smoked turkey wings from the grocery store.''

Is that fabulous, or what? All of the website comments were about that moment -- including this one, from Tim, that ''I think Paula believes a vegetarian is someone who has a side dish of meatloaf.'' One listener ''Facebooked'' the moment as ''classic.''

She did offer up fish as an alternative -- keep it simple, was her advice, but if you want to go ''decadent,'' you can coat the fish with a mix of Gruyere cheese and mayonnaise.

Gastronomes and epicures out there what do you think? How many stars for Paula Deen's recipe for pescatorial decadence?

Mailbag news -- I still say ''mailbag,'' for this really did come through the mails, and not the Internet:

As you can imagine, publishing houses are always approaching KPCC to get their authors on the air to talk about their books. It's tempting, but if we obliged every one, KPCC would be literature 24/7, and I must use that noun advisedly.

But the latest mail brought a first -- a pitch from a branch of a big New York publishing house that misspelled the title of the book.

It's the hundredth anniversary of Mark Twain's death. He was born when Halley's comet streaked across the sky in 1835, and he died, as he said he wished to, when it came back again in 1910, ''two unaccountable freaks,'' he wrote.

A celestial comet, and human supernova. Twain became a quintessentially American character, and his writing, indispensably so.