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The Sounds of Silence -- Not Good -- and USC Trojans: Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

What's that? What did you hear? Nothing?

Right, for one hundred dollars. Radio gremlins put us off the air for most of our two hours yesterday -- starting, curiously, at just about the moment that Bob Stern of the Center for Governmental Studies and I were talking about PG&E losing on that ballot proposition that would for all intents and purposes have prevented new municipal utilities from being formed.

So today, you'll get to hear my post-election interviews with Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, and her newly chosen Republican rival, Carly Fiorina. I'd bet Fiorina wishes she'd been off the air when she was picked up on the set of a TV interview quoting a friend's snarky comment about Boxer's hair: ''God, what is that hair? Sooooooooo yesterday.'' This happened as she was simultaneously thumbing through her Blackberry, another bit of evidence about the perils of multitasking.

[We did a segment on exactly that subject on Tuesday, Election Day. Fiorina was obviously busy that day; perhaps she can get the podcast of the segment.]

Today, it's Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck and your chance to ''Ask the Chief.'' It's also your chance to ''Slam USC'' or ''Slam the NCAA,'' depending on how you feel about the anvil-sized sanctions being dropped on the Trojans' football program.

And be sure to watch me tonight on KCET beginning at 8 p.m. as I channel the late, great Ralph Story, in ''Things That Aren't Here Anymore 3,'' the fab and vanished locales of 1950s and '60s LA, restaurants, clubs, roller disco joints and parks.

-- Patt Morrison