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Lakers ''Celebration'' -- Spoiling It For the Rest of Us

If a championship team winning a huge sports title means we're going to have a post-game slugfest and arson rampage in the city streets, who wants the win?

Who can blame the NFL for adding behavior like this to the reasons for wanting to put a Los Angeles pro football team so far to the east it's almost not even in Los Angeles County?

My friend, the veteran sports columnist Mike Downey, assures me that post-game mayhem has happened in just about every championship city, but that doesn't make me feel any better about the ugly stories and images that pop up around the world when anyone Googles for the Lakers' game.

Lakers forward Ron Artest, after the game, made sure to thank ''my psychiatrist; she really helped me relax a lot.'' Maybe, instead of a victory parade, we should offer some free counseling to help these thuggish fans relax, too.

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