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Why we're not laughing [when Comedy Congress isn't on]

No matter how bad the week has been, Comedy Congress perks everyone up -- if you didn't hear it during the program, go online. Go ahead -- give yourself a treat, and a laugh! Alonzo Bodden, Ben Gleib and Greg Proops make magic when they make mock.

And, truth to tell, it has been a pretty bad week; a Pew Center poll shows that Americans are pretty cranky about virtually every institution, from government to business to the news media. This is the worst siege the economy's had since the Depression, and the latest economic numbers don't show things getting much better any time soon. Do we have good reason to be disaffected with all of our institutions, or are we being, in the words of a Slate article, ''American hypocrites,'' who've come to expect and demand a comfortable, good life and government goodies as part of it -- but don't like to pay for any of it, and are outraged that we're being asked to?

Believe me, it's a topic we're not done with by a long shot. We'll talk about it again on the air soon, and in the meantime, inveigh away here on the Patt Morrison page.

November's getting closer, and a man named John Marcotte hopes to close in on getting the million or so signatures he needs to put on the ballot an initiative to ban divorce in California. Don't go get new glasses -- you read it right. Ban divorce in California. He's leveraging off Prop. 8 with the idea that if we truly want to protect the institution of marriage, we should go all the way -- not just prohibit same-sex marriage but see to it that married couples stay together. Dozens of you had plenty to say about this on the air and now on the Patt Morrison page. If this riles you, go online and say so. We'll update you as his initiative moves closer -- or not -- to a ballot in a polling place near you.

Be sure to listen to me with Brendan and Rico on ''Dinner Party Download'' this weekend talking about diagnosing Americans' degrees of happiness  via Twitter.

Some of you may have seen the Peabody-winning documentary on PBS earlier this year about the Chandler family dynasty in Los Angeles, founders of the LA Times and almost as powerful a shaper of the LA landscape as a seven-point earthquake. I moderated an event at the Central Library recently about the documentary, and if you didn't get to be there, here's the next best thing: a podcast of it!

Library event about the Chandlers of LA