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Prop. 8 Ruling is Coming, and Zsa Zsa's Husband is Going

I can predict right here, right now, what Wednesday’s big news will be --

The long-awaited federal district court judge’s ruling in San Francisco on California’s same-sex marriage ban. We'll announce it right here on the air on this program.

The same-sex marriage ban has been brewing in a number of states for a few years, and in California’s state courts for ten years, as far back as the Proposition 22, California Defense of Marriage Act in 2000.

In 2008, Prop. 8 amped up the argument, and the case went from being a state to a federal matter when opponents of Prop. 8 took it to Judge Vaughan Walker’s courtroom.

Judge Walker has been hearing and weighing evidence about Prop. 8 for what seems like ages now, and however he rules, this one really will – as you always hear people threaten over a traffic ticket – go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Whatever you have to say about the ruling, you’ll be able to say it on the air on this program – and blog it on the Patt Morrison page, too. I can’t remember running into anyone who’s lukewarm on this subject.

And ... no kids? No problem! Compared to thirty years ago, twice as many women are choosing not have children at all. Are you among them? What are the reasons, and the pluses and minuses to being child-free? Sure want to hear from you about this one.

You know, I pride myself on being politically au courant but I didn’t even know Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband was running for governor of California – until now, when he decided not to run for governor any more.

The health of his wife, says Prince Frederic von Anhalt, dictates that he drop out of the race, which he had entered as an independent, on a platform of legalizing marijuana, prostitution and Cuban cigars.

[Herr or HH von Anhalt, your choice – he was the son of a German cop but took his title when he was adopted at the age of 37 in a business transaction – had already made his candidacy otherwise notable as far as I'm concerned. California has for decades been laudably progressive about banning the sale and importation of products made from imperiled species, from polar bears to exotic cats and reptiles. In January, alligator and crocodile joined the verboten list. The would-be gov announced his candidacy wearing alligator-skin cowboy boots.]

If by some weird chance he had been elected, at least California voters would already have had their ears attuned to a governor with a Mittel-European accent.