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Bell Dude Gets the Charmin Treatment -- and Help for Phone Bill Hell?


After the authorities swooped in early one morning recently and arrested that bunch of Bell city officials, I had to wonder whether some of them might find jail a teeny bit less stressful than the prospect of showing their faces in public again.

There’s plenty of righteous anger that’s justifiably erupted among the residents of Bell, whose millions of dollars in hard-earned taxes, as the LA Times reported, were financing CEO-sized salaries and benefits for city officials.

So here’s one response:

Just a few days after onetime Bell city administrator Robert Rizzo posted $2 million bail and got to walk out of jail, his Huntington Beach house got garlanded in toilet paper.

About which tp-ing I have just one question –

Was it used?

Now, remember the lively talk we had earlier this week about the infuriating complexity and opacity of cell phone bills, and how they make the U.S. tax code look like a model of clarity? Well, the FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, wants to make them simpler, and he’s here to explain how – and even whether – it can be done. What I want to know is, can he read his own cell phone bill?

And the Republican and Democratic candidates for California lieutenant governor, Abel Maldonado and Gavin Newsom, will be debating why it is they want the job – and what exactly the lieutenant  governor does.

David Lazarus is in my chair on Friday – be kind!