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Patt's Hats: Chanel, cloche, and Crawford

Patt Morrison's ensemble for Jan 4, 2012.
Patt Morrison's ensemble for Jan 4, 2012.
Michelle Lanz/KPCC

I apologize, but I seem to be stuck in the Chanel black-and-ivory palette recently. I promise to do zingier next week! The Chanel shoe color scheme was actually quite clever: the body of the shoe is a lighter color to elongate the leg, and the dark toe-cap makes the foot look smaller too. Clever, no? 

But it’s really all about the hat, this 1920s cloche clone, made by this very talented woman in Hawai’i. I know, when you think hats and Hawai’i, you think wide-brimmed sun hats. This one is definitely channeling Garbo, or early Joan Crawford (what, you never saw "Our Dancing Daughters"?)

The wide-legged pants have a 1920s men’s fashion feel to them, the kind the "sheiks" wore when they squired their "flappers" out to do the Charleston and then knock back some bootleg gin in the rumble seat. The artist John Held Jr. did terrific caricatures of these "flaming youth."  

There’s a building in Glendale, on Brand Boulevard, whose side-street windows are covered by metalwork grills with cutout silhouettes of John Held Jr. figures playing musical instruments. At least I hope they’re still there.