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An Orange County GOP delegate looks forward to Ann Romney's speech

Alexandra Coronado, a music teacher from Cypress, is a delegate to the Republican National Convention.
Alexandra Coronado, a music teacher from Cypress, is a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

“Women are more giving.”

That's how Alexandria Coronado began her explanation of why President Barack Obama has the support of more woman than Mitt Romney.

Coronado stood outside the TradeWinds Hotel in St. Pete Beach, where the California delegation to the Republican National Convention is housed. She wore a cobalt blue dress, accessorized with her delegate credentials instead of a necklace.

“Democrats want to give things to people. And that appeals to women,” she said. “Republican women are more sensible.”

Coronado, 44, teaches music privately in the Orange County town of Cypress. She holds a PhD in musical arts from USC. She owns her own business and likes lower taxes and fewer regulations.

She believes Ann Romney—who addresses the convention Tuesday night—is the best person to carry the Republican message to women, and help her husband with a key group of voters in swing states.

“Once they hear Ann Romney, they will come over to our side,” Coronado said. “She’s elegant, she’s well-spoken, and she is so centered.”

Coronado, who met the would-be First Lady at a fundraiser four years ago, said Romney's quiet battle with Multiple Sclerosis has a special appeal.

“I have a lot of appreciation for women who can face great health problems, and stay centered,” Coronado said.  “A lot of women bare their illnesses in silence.” 

This is not Coronado’s first time at a Republican convention.

“It was a lot different four years ago,” she said. That’s when the party nominated Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain. “[Delegates] were more rambunctious. They were having a good time.”

This time, she said, delegates seem a little older and more businesslike.

“People are more serious about electing Romney.  This crowd is ready to work.”

Correction: Ann Romney's name was initially misspelled in this story.