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GOP convention changes rules, angers Ron Paul's supporters

Ron Paul shakes hands with supporters at the RNC convention.
Ron Paul shakes hands with supporters at the RNC convention.
Eric Thayer / AP

Voices were raised, feelings were hurt, and delegates stormed out of the GOP national convention Tuesday after rules were changed in such a way that left many Ron Paul supporters feeling slighted. Republican convention officials also denied some of Paul's supporters their seats as delegates, and refused to publicly count his votes during the roll call.

There was a voice vote on a rule change that some say was inconclusive, but the party decided to go ahead and change the rule anyways. The Associated Press reported that after the voice vote on the rules was conducted, the party hastily rushed the next speaker to the podium to limit the amount of time Paul's supporters could chant "Shame on you."

Paul, who amassed 190 votes when the roll call of states was held, said he has no plans to endorse anyone for president. The Texan said he'll endorse "peace and prosperity and individual liberty, the Constitution."

Twitter, as could be expected, was abuzz about the dispute where some Romney supporters ended up shouting down Paul supporters, putting a black eye on the party.