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That's My Issue: The environment

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

This post is part of KPCC & WNYC's "That's My Issue" series, and represents the views of its author, not of either station. 

My wonderful sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Station, first made me aware of the impact human beings have on the environment. She educated us about the dangers of over consumption, pollution, and deforestation. She taught us the importance of recycling, reducing global warming, and conservation. She made me realize that our planet is precious and that our actions have consequences.

Sadly, some 20+ years later, I'm frightened to see the environmental changes about which she warned us start to come true in the form of chaotic weather patterns and extreme temperatures, such as the drought in the Midwest. Yet, neither candidate has spent much time, if any, addressing the issue in their campaigns.

My husband and I are ready to begin a family and that's making me more nervous than ever about the future of our planet. I believe we borrow the earth from our children, and it's crucial we start protecting it for them before it's too late.

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