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Fung Bros. comedy video asks: 'Does your Asian mom vote?'

In this fantasy sequence from
In this fantasy sequence from "Does your Asian mom vote?" a young man learns he might not get to college.
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A provocative question is circulating on YouTube with a question for young voters in the San Gabriel Valley. It's the comedic Fung Brothers, David and Andrew, asking:  "Does your Asian mom vote?"

It shows their mom (actually, it's an actress, uncredited on the video) scurrying around the kitchen as the boys eat breakfast. They say they are going to vote. She tells them to mind their studies and not get involved in things that don't affect their prospects for success, like getting into medical and law school.

"What is one thing that will happen if you don't vote, huh?" she demands. Cue the fantasy sequence.

The Fung Brothers video (here they tell us the seven things Asian American teens love) is part of a larger campaign by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and 13 community partners with ties to Asian population groups in Southern California to encourage greater registration and voting.

Asian-Americans are registering and voting in greater numbers in recent years, but "there is still a significant gap between the turnout and the community," said Tanzila Ahmed, voter engagement manager for the legal center.