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Steve Martin delivers a political ad you'll like

I've never lived in a swing state before. Technically, as KPCC's D.C. correspondent, I don't live in one now. But Virginia's just over the river and, as a result, I see countless political ads aimed at wooing undecided Arlington and Alexandria and Falls Church voters. Between the ads from the parties and the various PACs, I can be watching a playoff game and see four spots for the same race in between innings!

It's a bit wearing. Cherish your cell phone commercials, L.A. They're better than the alternative.

That said, here's my current favorite ad. Unfortunately, it's only on YouTube.  Steve Martin is stumping for his pal Bob Kerrey, who is making a comeback run at the U.S. Senate from Nebraska. Plus, you can pick up tips on how to make a wad of paper.