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Election year twist: LA Democrat touting GOP endorsements in House race

In a year when Democrats and Republicans agree on almost nothing, it's strange to see a campaign strategy that has a Democrat touting his Republican support.

But this isn't a normal election year. California's new "top two" election system has Democrats running against Democrats and Republicans running against Republicans in the November general election.

So in the highly competitive San Fernando Valley race pitting veteran House Democrats Brad Sherman and Howard Berman against each other, Berman says he's received the endorsements from a majority of California’s Republican congressional delegation. The list includes David Dreier (who's retiring), Darrell Issa, Mary Bono Mack, Ken Calvert, Jerry Lewis (retiring), Ed Royce, Dan Lungren, Wally Herger (retiring), Elton Gallegly (retiring) and Buck McKeon.   

McKeon, whose district includes a portion of the Valley, calls Berman "one of the few Democrats we can partner with." He slams Berman's opponent Brad Sherman, saying Democrats "don't view him as a serious player shaping public policy, and neither do Republicans."

That last comment has some sting because Republicans control the House now, and will likely control it after November, too.

More than a quarter of registered voters in this newly drawn 30th Congressional district are Republicans.