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Live from Carolyn's Cafe in Redlands: What's your issue?

The interior of Carol's Cafe in Redlands, California.
The interior of Carol's Cafe in Redlands, California.
Kim Bui/KPCC
The interior of Carol's Cafe in Redlands, California.
Kim Bui/KPCC
The interior of Carol's Cafe in Redlands, California.
Carolyn's son and cafe worker Brad Strickland at work at Carolyn's Cafe
Kim Bui/KPCC

Update 12:00 pm Lunch time

The morning crowd is dying down and lunch is settling in. Now that we've talked with a good many Redlanders about the issues they care about, we're going in to have ourselve a bite. Hope you enjoyed it.

We'll be setting up at the Serving Spoon in Inglewood on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd from 7 am to 12 pm. Come on by!

Update 11:10 am: Good, paying jobs

Ed Halsell talked to us about his daughters, both of whom graduated college not long ago and struggled to find decent jobs. 

"Everyone I know whose children have graduated college are either unemployed or underemployed," he told us.

Ed works as the Chief of Maintenance at Patton State Hospital, a hospital for the criminally insane.

Update 10:51 am: How taxes are spent

We're hearing a lot for Redlands-ers concerned about taxes. Don Wallace from Redlands joined us to discuss the issue that inspired him to run for Redlands City Council: government spending. Don say she feels the government at both the local and national levels has spent far too much. He told us he hopes to get it under control

Update 10:20 am: 

Carol King, 54, heard us on air and came down (we pushed her into having some coffee cake). She lives in Riverside, works in Redlands, and says she doesn't consider herself a single-issue voter, but she feels that a candidate's stance on Roe Vs. Wade will determine whether she'll consider voting for them.

"If someone wants to take away my right to choose," she says. "They might take away other rights as well."

Update 9:45 am: Government spending

Sam Christian spoke with us as he waited in line for a seat this morning. He's a retired bread salesman who's lived in San Bernardino County all his life. Sam was most concerned about debt.

"I've always thought the government running up a big debt is a terrrible thing," he said. "But obviously the government has to spend to make up for private sector not spending, to keep unemplyment down."

Update 9:15 am: Death and taxes

Clint Toth came down to Carolyn's with his two sons. Clint told us the issue that he cares about this election is taxes. Owner of a constuction company and two pawn shops, Clint says he feels taxes are weighing way too heavily on California's small businesses. He'll be voting against every tax measure this election. He also told us feels strongly about the death penalty. Here's why: 

Update 8:40 am: Coffee cake to drive for

If you're every in Redlands, do not stop at Carolyn's Cafe and have some of the coffee cake below. Because you will be ruined for all other coffee cakes forever after. Owner Carolyn Strickland came out to say hi to us this morning, as we chatted with her poor cake-addicted customers already lining up in front of the packed cafe.

Update 8:02 am: we just spoke with Tom and Jing Babb, a Loma Linda couple. Dr. Jing Babb is a professor of child development in downtown L.A. Her husband, Tom Babb, is a retired former therapist. Jing says degrees that used to take 2 years to attain at her school now take 4 to 5 years. Why? There are few classes for students to take. "I'm seeing the affect of this economy on education," she says.

"I think it's tough to looking around and seeing all the people who don't have work," says her husband. "People who are struggling to find work and are having trouble paying the bills and such."

That's My Issue: Education by KPCC

Update 7:15 am: Jack Steward, a former fruit farmer from the area, told us that the issue that bothers him most is the lack of communication between parties, and the way each seems to favor partisan advantage over what's good for the nation: 

Update 7 am: KPCC's Frank Stoltze and crew arrived here in the Redlands at Carolyn's Cafe just before the sun rose from behind the San Gabriel Mountains. We're here to talk with voters about the issues that matter to them. 

If you happen to be around the area, drop by! We'll be here until noon. 


KPCC will broadcast live from Carolyn's Cafe in Redlands tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 19), and we want to hear from you. As the election nears, what are the issues that are most important to you?

Stop by from 6 a.m. until noon, have a coffee or tea, and chat with reporter Frank Stoltze and KPCC staffers. We'll share your stories through a series of live interviews on-air and again on our website, as part of our "That's My Issue" collaboration with WNYC in New York. 

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