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Hearing Tuesday on $11 million Arizona donation for CA propositions

California’s elections watchdog went to Sacramento Superior court Thursday to ask a judge for help.

The Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC) wants to find out the names of people who made an $11-million campaign donation to defeat Proposition 30 and pass Prop 32. 

“What is at stake is Democracy." said FPPC Chairwomann Ann Ravel "it’s whether or not people from out of state or even in state who are giving an enormous amount of money to influence campaigns in California should be identified.”

The Fair Political Practices Committee wants the names of the donors disclosed before the November 6 general election. 

Attorneys for Americans for Responsible Leadership said the California agencys' overstepped its authority. 

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Barry Loncke set a hearing on the matter for Tuesday, October 30. The judge asked both sides to file arguments with the court Monday, October 29.