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Hurricane delays hearing on $11 million Arizona donation to California campaign

Hurricane Sandy is even affecting the fight over California's Proposition 30.

A court hearing had been scheduled for Tuesday regarding the source of an $11 million dollar donation from an Arizona-based organization that is working to defeat Governor Jerry Brown's proposed tax hike.

California’s elections watchdog, the Fair Political Practices Commission, wants the donors’ names to be revealed. But Virginia-based attorneys for Americans for Responsible Leadership — the Arizona non-profit behind the donation — said they couldn’t reach Sacramento in time for the hearing because of travel delays caused by the hurricane. The judge overseeing the case gave them an extra 28 hours.

The Arizona group made the donation to a California campaign seeking to defeat Prop 30 and pass Prop 32 — a ban on payroll deductions for political contributions.

The FPPC is trying to get more information about the donation before Election Day. The commission says voters are entitled to know who provided the money — if it was knowingly given for political purposes. 

The hearing is now scheduled for Wednesday at 1:30 pm.