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Judge tentatively rules for FPPC in Prop 30 donation case

A Sacramento Superior Court Judge tentatively ruled Tuesday that an Arizona group must hand over more information about its $11 million dollar donation to a campaign against Proposition 30 — Governor Jerry Brown's tax hike to fund public schools. 

California’s Fair Political Practices Committee went to court seeking the source of the money, arguing that voters deserve to know who provided the funds to Americans for Responsible Leadership. The FPPC's Ann Ravel said it asked to see e-mails, phone texts, checks, and board meeting minutes:

“Once we see those documents we’ll be able to make a determination as to whether or not the donors to that organization need to be disclosed because they knew, or should have known, that their contributions were going to a political campaign in California.” 

Americans for Responsible Leadership donated the money to a California campaign seeking to defeat Prop 30 and pass Prop 32, which prohibits unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. 

In a statement spokesman Matt Ross,  wrote, “We believe that the state has not proven its case and that the FPPC does not have the authority to issue an audit in advance of the election." 

The judge is expected to finalize the ruling in a court hearing Wednesday afternoon.  The Arizona non-profit would have until Thursday afternoon to turn over documents.

Americans for Responsible Leadership's Ross said they're likely to appeal.