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New survey reports Props 30 and 38 are causing mutual harm

A new Field Poll suggests that each of the rival tax measures on the November ballot is drawing support away from the other.  

The survey has Brown’s measure, Proposition 30, leading by 10 points — but down from previous Field polls and just short of the 50 percent it needs to pass.  Education advocate Molly Munger’s tax measure, Prop 38, trails by 15 points. 

“Prop 38 is pulling some voters away from 30," says Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo. "We’re measuring it at 9%.”

Yet, DiCamillo says Prop 30’s undecided voters could be more likely to vote yes in the end.  For example, more of them approve of the governor’s job performance than disapprove, and are concerned about potential budget cuts if the measure fails.

“So all these things indicate to me that the governor’s measure is in fairly decent shape,” DiCamillo said.  

Munger’s initiative, however, has a much tougher road.