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UPDATE: Quest for a supermajority: Southern California State Senate election results

A view of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.
A view of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The great quest for Democrats in the general election was to capture a supermajority in the state Senate.

Going into the election, Democrats had 25 state Senate seats, Republicans 15. The Democrats needed two more to get a supermajority, which is the number of votes that would enable them to pass a state budget over Republican objections.

Two of the state's potential turnover seats were in Southern California's 31st and 27th Senate districts. Below are the latest results as of early Wednesday morning.

--Senate District 31: Riverside: Jeff Miller (R) / Richard Roth (D)
Republican incumbent Miller received the endorsement of Democrat Steve Clute. Republicans and Democrats were nearly equal in number as the general election neared. Republicans had mounted a big registration drive that was tainted by allegations that Democrats had unwillingly been re-registered as members of the opposition party. 
MILLER: 46%; ROTH: 54%

--Senate District 27: Agoura Hills: Todd Zink (R) / Fran Pavley (D)
Democratic incumbent Pavley had the money edge going into the race in this newly-drawn district in the western San Fernando Valley, with parts of Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks. She may have been too far left a candidate for this new territory, previously represented by Republican Tony Strickland, who is running for Congress. Prosecutor Zink, a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve, has spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan.
ZINK: 47%; PAVLEY: 53%

The complete State Senate results can be found here. Just click on the CA Senate" tab.