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Pelosi mum on leadership role; introduces Democratic freshmen

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There are still two undecided Congressional races in California. But even without those, there are nearly a dozen new members of Congress from the Golden State. The top Democrat in the House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, introduced her party’s new crop Tuesday in Washington D.C.

Pelosi filled the stage with new Democrats...and they kept spilling out of the green room. Pelosi welcomed several by name, including Ventura Congresswoman-elect Julia Brownley. 

Californians make up a quarter of the freshman class of Democrats. Pelosi had hoped to win a few more seats in California to retake the House, and the Speakership, but the GOP still outnumbers Democrats by about 18 members. She told reporters, "we may not have the majority, we may not have the gavel.  But we have unity."

Two Republicans from California were elected to the House.

Pelosi touted the historic diversity of House Democrats -- the first time there’s been a majority of women, ethnic minority, and LGBT members.

"Together the diversity of our caucus celebrates the strength of our nation," she said. "This caucus is a picture of America."

This is the week when freshmen House members learn the rules and geography of the Capitol, look for housing, and enter the lottery for an office. Two House races in California are still undecided, but the Democratic challengers were invited to join the crop of freshmen at orientation. 

Democrat Scott Peters from San Diego said no race is officially decided until the Secretary of State certifies the election. That’s a month away, December 14.

"It's just a matter of when the person who’s behind decides he wants to say I’ve had enough and I’m ready to let go," said Peters.

Peters was leading Republican incumbent Congressman Brian Bilbray by about 19-hundred votes in the latest count. 

Capitol Hill has been awash in speculation about whether Pelosi will continue as Democratic leader. She promised reporters to address her future in leadership Wednesday morning.