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A holiday tradition: Loretta Sanchez's Christmas card

It's that time of year again: Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has sent out her annual holiday card.

Uptight Capitol Hill has had a conniption fit in years past over Sanchez's choice of pictures for her seasons greetings — the Congresswoman astride a motorcycle or posing with her beloved cat Gretzky on her lap.

This year's card features the Anaheim Congresswoman and husband Jack Einwechter and a message that's an optimistic riff on the current deficit reduction negotiations: "May you dance with joy this holiday season (just not too close to fiscal cliffs)." There's also a nod to the late Gretzky, now sporting a halo.

The card design and postage are paid for by campaign contributions, though most cards are sent out by e-mail.  

The card may be all that friends and family see of Sanchez this holiday. Congressional leaders are warning members they may be back at work the week between Christmas and New Year's, voting on budget cuts and/or tax increases to avoid that fiscal cliff.

Here's a peek at last year's card, a tribute to the late, great Gretzky: