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Sherman/Berman election tiff continues post-Berman

The Democrat on Democrat Congressional race that pitted longtime member Howard Berman against incumbent Brad Sherman was expensive. And nasty. And the fallout continues on Capitol Hill.

Blame it all on Citizens United. An independent expenditure by a political action committee bought mailers designed to encourage Republicans to vote for Sherman. The mailer angered fellow Democrats.

And it cost Sherman the top Democratic job on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Now, it's cost him a plumb role on a subcommittee.

Sherman reportedly had hoped to step into the top Democratic spot on the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs. But a member with less seniority, Ted Deutch of Florida, jumped into the race, collecting the votes to make it happen. According to Politico.

Deutch was urged to seek the post by one of Howard Berman's longtime political pals: fellow Democrat Henry Waxman of Los Angeles. Waxman has no comment.

Brad Sherman's chief of staff says the Congressman from Sherman Oaks was "fairly ambivalent" about which subcommittee he wanted to be the ranking member on and was content to stick with Trade, Terrorism, and Nonproliferation.