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In this political video, Greuel is Justin Bieber, Garcetti is 'daddy’s boy'

Luke Caldwell, AKA 'Lukerative
Luke Caldwell, AKA 'Lukerative", created a video for his favorite candidate in the Los Angeles mayor’s race.
Courtesy Lukerative - "Kevin James"

Some people give money to candidates. Others volunteer at campaign headquarters. Luke Caldwell, AKA "Lukerative", created a video for his favorite candidate in the Los Angeles mayor’s race.
Los Angeles mayor race 2013

As he samples  David Bowie’s “Fame,” the 26-year-old Chapman University graduate raps about his choice:  “Kevin James, I think it’s about time we change ."

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a target:

“What do we do when a city’s got a politician /  who talks too much, spends money and doesn’t listen /  and has no justification for why this money's missin'?”

But the highlight may be when he flashes side-by-side pictures of Justin Bieber and mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel, back when she had shorter hair. You decide whether they are “look-a-likes.”

Caldwell, who makes music and works at a T-shirt merchandising company, says he attended a couple of mayoral debates and learned about the city's financial problems. He raps about them:

"The situation we’re livin' in is getting scary."

He explains his support for a long-shot.

“I felt like Kevin James was an outsider who could bring real change to L.A.,” Caldwell said in an interview. He says he has no connection to the campaign, and that the video took about three days to make.

John Shallman, Greuel's campaign chief strategist, responded tersely: 

"Five bucks says this video gets more hits than Kevin James gets votes. If Kevin James was half as interesting as the fox puppets and white rappers that appear in the independent ads for him, he might be dangerous as a candidate. The fact is that James' musical taste may be from the 21st Century, but his tired right wing policies are straight out of the 19th."


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