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#DearMayor Live from North Hollywood: What should the next mayor do first?

Jacob Shideler tells us what he would like the next mayor of Los Angeles to focus on.
Jacob Shideler tells us what he would like the next mayor of Los Angeles to focus on.
Grant Slater/KPCC
Jacob Shideler tells us what he would like the next mayor of Los Angeles to focus on.
KPCC forum producer Elaine Cha speaks with Marc Wada, a patron at Republic of Pie in the NoHo Arts District.
Grant Slater/KPCC
Jacob Shideler tells us what he would like the next mayor of Los Angeles to focus on.
Oakwood High School students Elena Dole, Maxx Vogel and Lily Harris tell the future mayor what they'd like to see done at our event at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood.
Grant Slater/KPCC
Jacob Shideler tells us what he would like the next mayor of Los Angeles to focus on.
KPCC political reporter Frank Stoltze speaks with David Wurmlinger, an actor, at our Dear Mayor event at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood.
Grant Slater/KPCC

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Dear Mayor landing page2:30 p.m.: A final pie to go

That'll do it for our town hall today. Come talk to us next week in Westchester, when we'll be at The Coffee Company. Bring your issues for L.A.'s next mayor, and your appetite!

2:15 p.m.: Dear Mayor, keep Metro's expansion on track

Connie Ho came from Alhambra to talk to us about what she wants from the next mayor, but her thoughts reflect many we heard in NoHo as well. 

"The thing that I want the next mayor to address is public transportation." Specifically, the expansion of L.A.'s Metro system. 

1: 55 p.m.: Dear Mayor, the bus system is getting worse

We've from a lot of people about the need to ramp up L.A.'s public transportation system. But Robert Stokoe, 77, says he doesn't want to see the bus system – on which he and many others rely – suffer as more money goes toward subways. 

"It's a hot area most of the year. So if you're sitting out waiting for the bus for half an hour, 40 minutes, you really take a beating, he says. 

1:35 p.m.: Dear Mayor, we need to deal with homelessness

Karah Britton of North Hollywood says she sees homelessness as a huge problem in L.A. that has received little attention in the mayoral race.

"I work downtown and [in] Hollywood in a restaurant and it's just something I notice everyday," she says. " There's always somebody on a streetcorner, or somebody looking for a handout."

She echoes the concerns of several others we've heard from this morning. Homelessness seems to be an issue that people are concerned about, but not sure exactly what they're looking for from the mayor. 

1:00 p.m.: Dear Mayor, fix our streets

Roxy Warrington is one of several folks we've heard from who say that fixing city streets is a primary concern. 

"As long as they keep those beautiful old fashioned lights there. Please don't take those away."

12:45 p.m.: Dear Mayor, heal our parking pain

We've heard from more than a few folks about parking problems today. The cost of parking tickets, the availability of parking -- these are things that seem to be top-of-mind for bustling North Hollywood as the area continues its rapid development.

Diana Tudela, 21, of NoHo is one of those who says parking is a headache. 

"Parking is already really hard out here in North Hollywood, especially on [street cleaning] days," she says. "You have to plan where you're going to park."

Blake from Burbank (top image), Benj Heard and a friend (middle image) and Tyler Humphrey of North Hollywood (bottom) plead for parking relief.

12:30 p.m.: Dear Mayor, let's figure out a better recycling system

Farisai Kambarami, who moved here from New York just a short time ago, says he thinks L.A.'s recycling system could use some work . 

"I feel that the city of L.A. could be better at organizing their recycling," he says. "And in so doing, helping the environment as a whole." 

11:45 a.m.: Pie Time.

Things are settling down just a bit as we grab a bit of food and reveal the real reason we headed to NoHo for today's event: The pie. 

Tempted? Come by, have  a slice and chat with us. We'll be here until 2 p.m. this afternoon, Can't make it? Next week we'll be out again at The Coffee Company in Westchester. 

11:30 a.m.: #DearMayor tweets 

As we've been talking to folks here in North Hollywood, we've been seeing  #DearMayor tweets flutter through, which we're gathering up on our page of responses. Check them out here, and let us know what you think the mayor should look at first by Tweeting @KPCC using the #DearMayor hashtag.

11:15 a.m.: Dear Mayor, Keep arts education alive in L.A.

Aly Marianelli says she hope the incoming mayor can stem the cuts to arts education in the city.

"Arts education is very underfunded and frankly it's the first thing to get cut. As somebody who's arts [education] has shaped her life, I think it's really important to keep them in schools."

That's particularly important in L.A., Aly says, a place where art is instrumental to the economy. 

10:45 a.m.: Keep the people in mind

T.H. Turner from North Hollywood says whoever the next mayor will be needs to keep the people in mind throughout their tenure. His advice? 

"Just have the peoples' best interest in mind as far as helping to make a better community."

10:22 a.m.: A refrain in NoHo's arts district: Stop runaway production!

A common concern we've been hearing here in North Hollywood is about the amount of production that's been leaking out of Los Angeles to other areas. Actor David Wurmlinger sums up the frustration from many in Hollywood. 

"The talk on the sets I hear, pretty much daily is 'Can we keep film in L.A? Can we keep our jobs [here]?'

10 a.m.: Dear Mayor, What's your education plan? 

Kris DePedro, a professor at Chapman University, says he's heard little from the L.A.'s mayoral contenders about their education plans. 

"I want to know what the future mayor, our mayoral candidates, what they plan to do to fix our broken education system. Specifically, how they plan to leverage the academic outcomes of minority groups." 

DePedro says he was impressed with Villaraigosa's willingness to take a stand on education. but says he's heard little about either candidate's plans. 

9:00 a.m.: Dear Mayor, bring back Hollywood

John Tague, an actor from Valley Village, says his biggest concern is runaway production -- films that leave L.A. in search of tax breaks and cheaper production costs. 

The best talent in the world is in L.A., and we should be using that talent here," he says. 

8:30 a.m.: Dear Mayor, fund HIV/AIDS related organizations

AT 17, Jacob Karlin from Sherman Oaks is too young to vote in the upcoming election, but he's been deeply involved in the civic life of Los Angeles. Karlin volunteers at several nonprofits, and says he hopes whoever's elected will provide more help to organizations that service HIV/AIDS research and assistance. 

8:15 a.m.: Dear Mayor, Stop the negative campaigning

Janet Thomas of Hollywood Heights says she thinks the mayor's race hasn't been run as positive as she had hoped. She said that affected her voting choice. 

7:30 a.m.: Dear Mayor, Help small businesses

Frank spoke with Republic of Pie owner John Stocking about his message for the incoming mayor. 

"California small business failure rate is the worst in the country, which is also 69 percent higher than the national average. Something needs to be addressed here. 

7:00 am: Come on by!

With the mayoral race just around the corner, we're out with KPCC political reporter Frank Stoltze at The Republic of Pie in North Hollywood to hear from you. What do you think the next mayor should address first? Do you have a question for L.A.'s new number 1? 

We'll be here all day gathering thoughts from cafe-goers. Come on by and chat with us, or tweet us using the #DearMayor hashtag.

We'll be bringing your responses to our continuing political coverage, and to our April 22nd mayoral debate! 

Come on by!

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