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Last week for CA Senate committee to advance gun control bills

Kevin de León (D-LA) chairs the State Senate Appropriations Committee.
Kevin de León (D-LA) chairs the State Senate Appropriations Committee.

A State Senate committee is scheduled to decide Thursday whether to advance a package of gun control bills in order for the full legislature to consider them this session.

The collection of measures Democrats call the “Life Act" includes a few intended to restrict various designs and devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly. Democrats have said the bills close loopholes that gun manufacturers exploit to sell assault style weapons in California—despite a 1989 state ban. 

Another bill by Sen. Kevin de León (D-LA) would require a license and background check to purchase ammunition. 

Republican lawmakers have voted against the restrictions on guns and ammunition.  They say the bills would make it harder for law-abiding people to defend themselves, while criminals will continue to get their guns illegally.

State lawmakers have already enacted one bill to pay for more agents at the Department of Justice.  That bill will help the agency confiscate guns from a backlog of 20,000 people who acquired them legally but later committed a felony, were put under a restraining order or diagnosed with a severe mental illness.