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Bumps in the road to House immigration agreement

"Gang of Eight" member Xavier Becerra (D-LA) insists House immigration deal is not dead
Kitty Felde

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The U.S. Senate continued to debate amendments to a comprehensive immigration bill Tuesday. Meanwhile, in the House, Republicans are grumbling that Democratic leadership is throwing up roadblocks to the deal hammered out by the bipartisan group of lawmakers known as the "Gang of Eight." Some suggest Democrats would rather take the Senate version than the compromise reached in the House.

According to a report in Politico, Democratic leaders don't like language in the House bill that requires the 11 million immigrants on the path to citizenship to pay for their own health care.

Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer told reporters that if the House "Gang of Eight" doesn't have a bill, then the Senate's measure "ought to be considered." The number three House Democrat, L.A.'s Xavier Becerra — one of those "Gang of Eight" members — brushes off that scenario: "We're on the precipice of getting to do something really good." 

When asked whether the "Gang of Eight" was actually on the precipice of falling apart, Becerra said there's too much "ganas" — Spanish for desire — "to get this done."

Next week, Congress is on recess for Memorial Day. That gives the "Gang of Eight" more time to work out their differences and perhaps introduce a bill in early June.