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Sequestration holiday for IRS, EPA, OMB and other federal workers

1040 tax form.
1040 tax form.
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The Internal Revenue Service took quite a beating on Capitol Hill this week for targeting Tea Party and other groups for particular scrutiny. So they're probably relieved to have the day off. The IRS is just one federal agency not open today because of sequestration.

If you haven't received your tax refund check, you can try calling the IRS help line to find out what's up. But this is what you'll hear: "Due to current budget situation, all IRS offices are closed today."

No human will be answering that phone until Tuesday, after the Memorial Day holiday. If you need tax advice before that, the IRS suggests looking at its website.

The IRS isn't the only agency to take a "furlough Friday" due to the mandatory budget cuts known as sequestration.

The Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, and the Office of Management and Budget – about 5 percent of the entire federal workforce – are also taking the first of several unpaid days off to deal with the across the board cuts.

An ABC/Washington Post poll released Friday finds more than a third of Americans say the sequestration is affecting them personally.