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Maven's Morning Coffee: Evaluating foster parents, hiring unqualified deputies, LA gives a wish list to Santa Claus

The Department of Children and Family Services is reevaluating how private agencies vet foster parents.
The Department of Children and Family Services is reevaluating how private agencies vet foster parents.
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Today is Thursday, Dec. 19, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


It wasn't just the Sheriff's Department that hired deputies with questionable backgrounds -- other county agencies did the same, according to the Daily News. Many of those officers were hired when the Board of Supervisors closed the Office of Public Safety. However, a spokesman for the county denied that the Sheriff's Department had been pressured into hiring the flawed deputies.

Los Angeles County is reevaluating how private agencies select foster parents after the Los Angeles Times reported on children who were killed or injured by caretakers with criminal histories. "DCFS Director Philip Browning said he was considering changes to county contracts to require private agencies to disclose the histories, but he said access to more reliable state databases would probably require the help of lawmakers in Sacramento," per The Times.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says three officers fired 15 to 20 rounds at a suspect at the end of a car chase Friday evening, reports KPCC. "It’s impossible for me to tell you at this point exactly why the officers fired, but that is what we will determine with the investigation," Beck said.

The LA Weekly put together its Christmas list for Santa Claus. Included on the list are: Free WiFi for the city, a train to LAX and rain.



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