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Maven's Morning Coffee: New districts in Anaheim, LA councilmembers' water usage, the number of women in Congress

The Daily News looked at how much water some L.A. City Council members, including Bob Blumenfield, are using even as they call for water conservation.
The Daily News looked at how much water some L.A. City Council members, including Bob Blumenfield, are using even as they call for water conservation.
Grant Slater/KPCC

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Today is Monday, Nov. 10 and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


In Rick Orlov's Tipoff column, Bobby Shriver's election party takes a turn, Bob Hertzberg returns to politics, and former police Chief Bill Bratton still carries sway in L.A.

Voters in Anaheim agreed to create single-member council districts, a change from the city's at-large system, reports KPCC. Measure L was approved with 68 percent of the vote. The new districts will take effect in 2016.

Voice of OC looks at how Asian-American women are becoming the new face of the Republican Party in Orange County. "Five high-profile Asian women -- all Republicans -- dominated Orange County races Tuesday night, with three candidates elected to state office and two to the county Board of Supervisors," according to the piece.

The Daily News found L.A. City Councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Mitch Englander increased their water usage after they and Gov. Jerry Brown called for conservation in the face of California's drought. "Valley leaders blamed their high usage on the region’s hot and dry climate and their large lots with plants that demand more water. They are also trying to conserve like other Angelenos, they say," per the newspaper.

The San Fernando Valley will see a rematch between L.A. City Councilwoman Nury Martinez and Cindy Montanez on next spring's ballot, reports the Daily News. "The two women are former allies: Martinez served as the campaign manager for Montanez’s 2002 Assembly race and both also worked for then-State Sen. Richard Alarcon. Both women also served on the San Fernando City Council, although at different times," according to the paper.

In an op-ed for the Sacramento Bee, Loyola Law Professor Jessica Levinson argues there's no reason to celebrate the record number of women in Congress. "To the extent that you think we should just be happy that women are making gains, small as they may be, please consider what your reaction would be if one in five members of Congress were a man, and why that would feel like an enormous paradigm shift," she writes.

TMZ has details on the role Police Commission President Steve Soboroff almost played in the wedding of actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti will announce the DWP's new energy efficiency goals at 9:30 a.m.

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