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Harry Sheppard - Vibes

Nice rediscovery today in Studio G.  Houston vibe player, Harry Sheppard's music landed in my mailbox. It gets busy here producing spots for the different Southern California Public Radio departments. The membership department was requesting four new car donation spots. Our southern California listenership includes such a diverse population.  I like to choose music that reflects our different cultures, musical genres and represents all of these musical tastes when I select the music beds for these spots. Came across a Harry Sheppard CD that someone sent in for me to consider using as a production bed.

Harry Sheppard is one of the most entertaining and challenging vibraphonists around.  The eighty-something Sheppard, who moved to Houston in the 80's, is deservedly a legend there. Back in the 50's, Sheppard was playing in New York with the likes of Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman and opening for Duke Ellington.  Harry Sheppard's music is without a doubt unbridled enthusiasm.  Yes, had to lend some of Sheppard's style to one of the new membership department's spots.

(Audio is KPCC Membership Car Donation spot with voice talent, Hettie Lynne Hurtes and music bed, Harry Sheppard on "More or Less")