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Elvis Bossa Nova In Concert - Levitt Pavilions MacArthur Park

Expect the unexpected and you might be pleasantly surprised in Studio G. I am every day. There are lots of outdoor concerts happening this summer. I am fortunate to be producing spots to highlight many of these talented artists.  Just produced another production piece for Leviit Pavilions MacArthur Park featuring Elvis Bossa Nova.

This band began as an experiment. The idea was to re-imagine classic Elvis tunes with an eclectic instrumentation, and an interesting mix of musical personalities. They blend the rock, jazz, latin, bluegrass, country, classical and improv musical traditions. 

Some of the songs are instantly recognizable, while others have the king hiding out somewhere around the corner with the rest of the surprises. The result of this experiment has been a fluid, dynamic mish-mash of various musical styles. The unique instrumentation includes vibraphone, electric guitar, percussion, drums and bass



Guitarist James Robertson is responsible for the guitar playing and  the astounding arrangements. James is best known as a founding member of Run With The Kittens, and plays guitar with many different bands.

Vibraphonist Michael Davidson composes for and co-leads the group Hobson's Choice, and is busy in Toronto's jazz scene

Percussionist Roman Tome brings an astounding assortment of instruments and sounds to EBN. He rocked arenas and stadiums with Grindig, and currently plays with Juno winner Elizabeth Shepherd, and many others.

Sly Juhas is one of Toronto's most talented young drummers, playing with jazz heavyweights including Juno Award winning bassist Brandi Disterheft, and pianist Richard Whiteman.

Bassist Brian Kobayakawa is a member of chamber-grass award winners The Creaking Tree String Quartet, among others.

For more info on their upcoming concert at Levitt Pavilion, go to  http://www.levittla.org/en/calendar

(Audio is Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park underwriting spot with Minnesota voice talent, Jeff Esworthy and music bed is Elvis Bossa Nova on "Viva La Vegas.")