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Budos Band In Concert Levitt Pavilion Pasadena

Having grown up in St. Louis during an era of horn bands, I still get impressed when some hot, fat-chorded arrangement swings my way here in the KPCC Mohn Broadcast Center--Studio G. Thinking about bands like Chase http://www.jazztrumpetsolos.com/chase.htm, Ides of March http://www.theidesofmarch.com/, Chicago http://chicagotheband.com/, Blood, Sweat and Tears http://www.bloodsweatandtears.com/, to mention just a few. It was a nice change up today to produce a spot for Levitt Pavilions featuring a 10-piece ensemble called Budos Band.

"The sound of The Budos may be challenging for some to describe, but to the band, Staten Island instrumental afro-soul” means internalizing such seemingly disparate influences as the Cairo Jazz Band, J.C. Davis, Mulatu Astatke, and Black Sabbath and coming together to form a mind-bending combination of rhythm and melody. The unique and signature sound of The Budos has become a favorite for music supervisors to use in TV, film and video games, as well as producers who have sampled The Budos on numerous hip-hop tracks."

"The Budos have become more of a brotherhood, explains bassist Dan Foder. Egos suck, that's why bands don't last more than two records. Musically, we understand each other better now than when we were younger. We're all on point – our playing and creativity are at a higher level - and we understand what The Budos Band means to all of us: family and friendship."

The strength of the group’s bond and its music has allowed The Budos Band to accomplish feats rarely attained by instrumental groups. With collective sales of over 30,000 albums and tours that have spanned the US, Canada, and Europe, playing rock clubs and large festival stages, The Budos have developed a huge fan base that spans genres and ages. At any given Budos show, one might see break dancing to the band's funk and hip-hop beats; record junkies nodding their heads to the soul-infused melodies; metal heads thrashing to the dark and ominous guitar and bass riffs; and general music lovers who eagerly attend Budos shows and smile approvingly at the melting pot of music that takes place.

For more info on their upcoming concert, http://www.LevittPavilionPasadena.org

(Audio is Levitt Pavilion Pasadena underwriting spot voiced by MPR Minnesota talent, Steve Seel.  Music bed is Budos Band on "Hidden Hand.")