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Grand Performances Presents Nortec Collective Featuring Bostich & Fusible

Studio G in  the Mohn Broadcast Center was thumping some Nortec sounds that made my speakers do what they were built to do. Play it! Nortec music is characterized by hard dance beats and samples from traditional forms of Mexican music. The instrumentation usually includes accordians, double bass, tubas, clarinets, horns and pumping bass drums and percussion and polyrhythmic snare drum rolls.

I was working on an underwriting spot for Grand Performances for Nortec Collective featuring Bostich and Fusible, a musical ensemble from northern Mexico. Their musical genre includes electronica in the nortec ("norteño" + "techno") style. Nortec Collective's second album, Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 3, (Nacional Records) received much critical praise and was nominated for two Latin Grammy awards in 2006. 2008's Tijuana Sound Machine by Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich and Fussible (also Nacional Records) was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album. In 2010, Corridos Urbanos by Nortec Collective Presents Clorofila was released

Since 1999, the Nortec Collective musicians have toured throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, Japan and Latin America, and played New York's Central Park SummerStage and Irving Plaza, as well as the Winter Music Conference in Miami, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and shows at the Royal Festival Hall in London and Elysée Montmartre in Paris.  Nortec's music has appeared in commercials for Volvo, Dell, Fidelity Mutual, Edwin Jeans (with Brad Pitt), Nissan and others.The song "Tijuana Makes Me Happy" is one of the soundtracks in 2006 FIFA World Cup video game and the title song of the feature film by the same name Tijuana Makes Me Happy.

For more information about their upcoming performance, www.grandperformances.org/