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John Cale-When Past & Present Collide - Paris 1919 Live

How many rockers could write beautiful symphonic pieces of music and credit Brahms, Graham Greene, or John Milton as influences? Very few - probably just one - the singularly unique and exquistely talented John Cale. I'm working today in Studio G at the Mohn Broadcast Center on producing an underwriting spot for the upcoming John Cale concert at Royce Hall for the UCLA Live series.  John Cale was the co-founder of The Velvet Underground of which I was a fan back in the day. At the time, none of us understood the lyrics in "Paris 1919," but we recognized the sheer talent of Cale and his song writing abilities and musicianship. In my circle of musician friends, we had our own interpretations of what the lyrics secretly meant. 

"Paris 1919" is an exceptional album. John Cale is an incredible song writer. The lyrics on this album are true poetry. Every song is great. The standout songs are "Child's Christmas In Wales," "Paris 1919" and "Half Past France." 

West Coast Premiere, John Cale: When Past & Future Collide – Paris 1919 Live featuring members of the UCLA Philharmonia on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 8:00 PM.  For more information on John Cale's upcoming performance at UCLA Live, go to http://www.uclalive.org/calendar/.


(Audio is underwriting spot for UCLA Live-John Cale. MPR voice talent, Steve Seel and music bed excerpt, "Paris 1919.")