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Hammer Museum Presents The Mandala Project

Currently in Studio G at the Mohn Broadcast Center I’m working on an underwriting spot for the Hammer Museum featuring the Mandala project. Many years ago I attended a demonstration observing the detailed, pain-staking process Tibetan monks do to create a sand mandala. Placing the smallest grains of sand in a perfect design and then sweep it all away. Amazing!

Hammer Museum presents the Mandala Project.  This is a two-week program which features the construction of a Tibetan sand mandala by a team of traditionally trained Lamas from Nepal. Comprised of millions of grains of colored sand, the sacred painting represents boundless compassion, purity and clarity. Visitors may view the monks at work during the 10-day ceremony, Oct 26-Nov 7. More at http://hammer.ucla.edu.


 (Audio clip is an underwriting spot for the Hammer Museum featuring a musical excerpt of You Tube video mandala sand demonstration.  MPR voice talent is John Zech.)