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The Manhattan Transfer Christmas Show

Some marriages don’t last as long as this musical group. The Manhattan Transfer has been together for almost 40 years.  They've played clubs and concert halls. They've done commercials. And they've won eight Grammy Awards. 

Their first was for 1980's "Birdland" which remains their most popular song and one of my personal favorites.  But whatever they do, wherever they do it, it's always with that signature sound: four-part harmony, tight and precise. 

Tim Hauser, Janis Siegel and Alan Paul have been around from the start. Cheryl Bentyne is the newbie - she signed on in 1978. 

Once Janis Siegel said,  "People see in us something that they wish there was more of in the world, which is harmony.  "And no matter how technologically advanced the music business becomes, I think people will always still want to hear the sound of the human voice, especially raised in harmony."   I agree as I am producing this underwriting spot here in Studio E.  Digging this music and makin' my day an awesome one.

They've harmonized with gospel and all kinds of jazz, including vocalese where they improvise to instruments like trombones and saxophones and add new lyrics. 

I saw them in Vegas years ago and fell in love with this awesome group. They will be performing at Disney Hall on Tuesday, December 21.  http://www.laphil.com/tickets/performance-detail.cfm?id=4496



 (Audio clip is an underwriting spot for The Manhattan Transfer Christmas Show featuring an excerpt of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  Announcer is SCPR VO talent, Rita Pardue.