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Luther Hughes and the Cannonball-Coltrane Project CD

Opening up a new CD this morning here in Studio E in the Mohn Broadcast Center.  It’s my ritual and I look forward to what is going to surprise me today.  I am not disappointed hearing this Cannonball-Coltrane Project from Luther Hughes.  This music takes me back to my roots in St. Louis.  I spent my youth learning to sing by mimicking great sax players’ lines as they soared thru the changes on their solos.  One of my fav albums was Cannonball Adderley and Nancy Wilson as she sang, “Save Your Love For Me” and Cannonball weaved in and around her. What a musical dance!  His soul jazz bop style, those chromatic and continuous lines and cutting tones thrilled me.  And John Coltrane, tenor sax that blew me away the first time I heard “Giant Steps” with his sheets of sound, crazy chord structure moving in thirds and harmonies that my ears wanted me to scat over those changes and have fun on the ride. Well, here is this Luther Hughes and the Cannonball-Coltrane Project CD, and all are top-notch players including: Luther Hughes, bass; Glenn Cashman, tenor sax; Bruce Babad, alto sax; Ed Czach, piano; and Paul Kreibich, drums and percussion.  Collectively they have paid homage to two jazz greats with incredible sensitivity and creative arrangements. http://www.CannnonballColtraneProject.com  I have paired an excerpt of Glenn Cashman’s tune, “McCoy” written as a musical tribute to Coltrane’s pianist, McCoy Tyner featuring the quartal chord voicings that typifies Tyner’s powerful style with a KPCC promo for http://www.170millionamericans.org. 


 (Audio clip is a KPCC promo spot for 170MillionAmericans.org. The musical  excerpt is  “McCoy”  featuring Luther Hughes and the Cannonball-Coltrane Project .  Announcer is MPR VO talent, John Zech.