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AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I recently saw Sheriff Arpaio satirized by Culture Clash in its new play "American Night." The play, which I saw at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival earlier this month, examines immigration through the eyes of historical figures such as Lewis and Clark and others. Those others include Arpaio who supports Arizona's impending immigration law. Barring an injunction, it will give law enforcement officers the right to demand proof of citizenship of anyone with whom they legally come in contact. So, if someone calls the police on an ice cream vendor, he or she will have to prove citizenship. Same for anyone stopped for a traffic violation. Crime victims will have to prove their citizenship, too, if asked.

Patt Morrison talks with Arpaio this afternoon. If you'd like to get a head start on submitting questions or comments for him, do so here and I'll pass them on to Patt and her producers.