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Rose Parade Tips & Rules

PASADENA (CNS) - With thousands of people expected to camp out tonight for prime Rose Parade seating, Pasadena police and fire officials issued a series of tips aimed at keeping people safe and within the law.

Among the rules and regulations governing parade goers are:

-- Overnight parking is only permitted tonight.

-- A permanent position on the sidewalk may be maintained along the parade route beginning at noon today. The "Blue Line" is the honor line. People and property such as blankets and chairs must remain on the curb until 11 p.m. Friday. At that time, spectators may move out to the Blue Line.

-- Small, professionally manufactured barbecues elevated at least one foot off the ground are allowed on the parade route, as long as they are 25 feet from buildings and other combustibles. Also, a fire extinguisher must be available.

-- People under 18 may be on the parade route between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. only if they are under adult supervision.

-- Dress for cold weather. Children and seniors should have extra layers of clothing to avoid hypothermia.

-- Stay hydrated and consume nourishing meals to avoid dehydration.

-- Report any suspicious activities and packages to emergency authorities along the parade route.

-- In case of emergency, call (626) 744-4241 from a cell phone or 911 from a landline phone and know the cross streets from which you are calling.

Things that are banned along the parade route are:

-- tents, sofas and boxes that an be used as stools or seats;

-- unoccupied chairs;

-- bonfires; and

-- fireworks, except as part of scheduled official events.

Items may not be sold along the parade route without a permit, and no public areas -- sidewalks, curbs, gutters, streets -- can be cordoned or roped off. It is also illegal to buy, sell or give away horns on the parade route, and selling space along the route is illegal.

Pets are not recommended because they are easily frightened by sudden, loud noises.

Spectators also may not throw any projectiles into the parade, including seemingly harmless items such as tortillas, marshmallows or flowers.

Vehicles obstructing emergency lanes will be towed, and walking in the street is not permitted during the parade. Open containers of alcohol are illegal on public streets, sidewalks or other areas.

Because of large crowds, police will resolve any problems quickly and remove from the scene anyone who violates the law or disturbs the peace.

During the parade, it is typical for the Pasadena Fire Department to respond to more than twice the number of normal calls because of hypothermia, illegal burning, miscellaneous medical issues, assaults and alcohol-related matters.

For more information, call (626) 744-7276.